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C/San Juan 48 31172

Phone: +34 636057982
E-mail: chelorazkin@hotmail.com


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If you are looking for a quiet and pleasant stay in a healthy and natural environment, you'll be pleased to have it in the Rural House Juanbarterena.

It is located in the small village of Ulzurrun, which with only 80 inhabitants has inn, pelota court, playground and the possibility of excursions for all ages.

Here nature, tradition, tranquillity and activity combine to perfection at the same time.

It is the paradise of the senses: we can see a natural landscape of mountains with its beech and oak trees, the water flowing by innumerable natural sources, the river that runs silent, to hear the birds singing, the mooing of cows,...

Accompanied by the owner you can make visits to the farm of cattle and the henhouse. From the garden of the house you can see hens running about in their natural habitat.