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Ulzurrun is one of the 9 villages that make up the Ollo Valley. Only 20 kms from Pamplona and sheltered from the mountain ranges of Urbasa and Andía, and 85 from San Sebastian, due to its location it is a perfect enclave to enjoy of the same or as a starting point for other more distant excursions.

In the town you can breathe in tranquility at the same time that the own agricultural and livestock activity develops daily collated with the neighbors in their calm talks at the inn, children with their games in the pelota court or in the playground... rush are not felt.

Unzurrun - Valle de Ollo - Navarra

Here he was born and lived his early years the Navarre novelist Félix Urabayen and in his honor stands a monument by the sculptor José Ulibarrena. Together with this work are the inn, the church from the 16th century, the pelota court and the playground.

From Ulzurrun part of the road leads to the spring of Arteta. It supplies with its flow to Pamplona and its region. This visit can be also done by the trail surrounded by oak trees beech trees and flowers in spring enabled to do so.

Unzurrun - Valle de Ollo - Navarra

The Valley, with a typical landscape of the basin of Pamplona, old-growth forests and pristine waters is between mountains and retains the tranquility that has always had. This can be felt walking through the short streets of its villages or hidden trails that lead us along ancient roads that pass through cereal fields, forests where there are fresh and crystal clear water sources, cross rivers, visit shrines, old sinks...

From any point of the Valley are contemplated the mountains of: Gaztelu, Mortxe, which end leads to the mountain range of Sarbil and mount Txurregui, where begins the mountain range of Andia-Urbasa.